Innovation Capacity (INKA)


INKA – Innovation Capacity 2014+ is a project implemented by Czech Technology Agency by contracting a consortium of firms led by the Berman Group (other members include JIC – South Moravian innnovation Centre and Technopolis) to gather and analyse relevant information on innovation environment in the Czech Republic  for the purpose of  more focused targeting and better design of efficient innovation policy at national as well as regional level.

The aim of the interventions is to strengthen innovation-based competitiveness of the Czech economy and to stimulate economic growth by promoting innovations and R&Das a source of new competitive advantage of the Czech economy. The design of policies, programmes and measures to promote R&D, innovations and their commercial use needs to be based on relevant, high quality and reliable information and such information has not been available in the Czech Republic in required detail and scope. The purpose of this project has been to design, develop, provide and test a methodology of mapping, analysing and explaining data and findings for the Technological Agency of the Czech Republic to understand the structure and dynamics of the knowledge economy in Czechia.

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