• Start. Grow. Sustain.

    How do we generate and sustain growth? How do we deliver on our purpose with the limited resources we have? Is there a magic formula?
  • Wonder. Explore. Discover.

    There is no magic formula. Discover your own. Experiment. Take risks. Fail. Try again. Learn with a rapid feedback loop.
  • Work hard. Learn. Improve.

    Success is not a coincidence. Be smart but also: work hard. If you want to achieve results you need to make the investment.
  • Engage. Partner. Collaborate.

    Work with others to achieve your vision. Communication, sharing and co-creation are key ingredients of success today.
  • Compete. Challenge. Outperform.

    Be driven, inspired and motivated by the success of others. Challenge market leaders, embrace healthy competition. Strive to run a high performing team.
  • Ask. Listen. Innovate.

    Will today's solutions meet the demand of tomorrow? Ask questions. Listen to customers. Design. Test. Iterate. Challenge the status quo. Innovate.
  • Nurture rainforests.

    Our environment impacts on how we perform. Relationships, trust, co-opetition and collaborative partherships will seed a 'rainforest' type of growth.
  • Think Global.

    Globalisation has brought challenges and opportunities to every corner of our planet. Are you ready to act trully global as a company, community or organisation?
  • Celebrate progress.

    Celebrate failure as well as success. Recognize effort, risk-taking and learning. Sustaining growth is not simple and it is the spirit of entrepreneurship in us that fuels progress.
  • In Australia.

    Talk to us if your team resides in Australia, South East Asia or the Pacific. What are your challenges in entrepreneurship, innovation and economic growth?
  • In Europe.

    Since 1995 we have been assisting cities, regions, government agencies, universities and businesses in Europe from our office in Prague. Will your team become our next client?
  • In New Zealand.

    We have helped NZTE scope the Digital Industry Sector in the Waikato and we provide growth advisory services to SODA, one of the top business incubators in New Zealand.
  • Or anywhere else.

    We have worked on challenging and complex innovation, competitiveness and economic development projects in many countries around the world. Will your country be the next?
  • See what others don't.

    Sometimes it is difficult to see what is right in front of us. As external consultants we often bring a perspective that you have not been able to think about.
  • Your journey starts here!

    Set your ambitions high to inspire and drive you. We support those who dare!

What We Do?

We are strategy consultants. We assist mission-driven organisations with the design and implementation of smart growth strategies and projects. We are experts in innovation, competitiveness, entrepreneurship and growth.

How We Do It?

We support teams that build globally competitive organisations and communities with world-class innovation systems. Leverage our international experience in data gathering, advanced analytics, planning, strategy, project design and management, consulting, coaching, facilitation and training.


Why We Do It?

Entrepreneurship and innovation form the engine of smart economic growth. Our purpose is to support people who build networks and operate environments where innovative entrepreneurship thrives.

What we believe?

Entrepreneurship unlocks economic growth!

Those among us who see opportunities and have the courage, drive and determination needed to go where others have not been need to be supported. They take the risks to generate wealth, jobs and prosperity for our future.

Innovation accelerates performance!

We believe innovation is not something that exists only at the beginning. Innovation lives across industries, disciplines and stages of activity. It must be nurtured and managed to deliver outcomes in the form of enhanced economic performance and better lives.

Productivity translates to prosperity!

We believe that efforts to maximize productivity gains at the company level through smarter support and management of entrepreneurship and innovation lead to enhanced competitiveness of firms, industries, regions and entire nations.

Collaboration enhances competitiveness!

We believe that without open collaboration, inclusive partnerships and alliances, interlinked clusters and networks of cooperative activity, it is increasingly harder for firms to create and sustain global competitive advantage.

Our Work

We have worked on a variety of projects from simple feasibility studies to highly complex multi-million dollar international assignments. The following selection demonstrates the breadth of our expertise.

Our People

We have a small but actin ready team of internationally experienced experts in business strategy, economics, public policy, research and marketing.

Petr Adámek

Business Growth Expert / Co-Founder / CZ / Senior Consultant

Petr is a business growth consultant and expert in startups, innovation and competitiveness with over 20 years of international experience.

Dušan Kulka

Co-Founder / CZ / Managing Director / Senior Consultant

Dusan is foreign direct investment and economic development expert with over 30 years of experience in policy design, strategic planning and project management.

Dr Jan Vozáb

Co-Founder / CZ / EU Growth Policy Expert / Senior Consultant

Jan has PhD in strategic planning within the context of regional development. Jan's international experience is predominantly in EU competitiveness and growth policies, and economic development strategic planning.

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